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Arno – Multi-Concept Theme

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Beautiful Vertical Rhythm

The fonts – one of the things that you will notice immediately after loading the first page. They are not just small and big. The variety of carefully selected fonts and sizes helps building the design structure, so it matches your informational architecture. Good vertical rhythm helps your users getting around quicker and reach the needed information fast, while at the same time is a key component of a beautiful and clean design.

Awesome Support

Long years working with WordPress themes have taught us how vital a good support team is. We are here to help you get around quickly and fix any issue that might come up with Arno. You can share the problems you’re experiencing on our support forum –, and we’ll make anything possible to help you asap.

One Click Install

Arno comes with one-click sample content importer to kick-start your project. But it is one click. Really. And it does not include all the pages and posts that are part of the demo site, which is overburdening when you just want to get started with a theme. Although the sample xml from the demo site comes with the theme as well, it imports carefully filtered content

It has another neat feature as well – page from the demo site importer. Yes, it does exactly that – choose a page from the demo site , copy its url and paste it in the box. That’s it.

And of course, with one click you can delete all the sample data, to keep your installation neat and tidy.

Premium Icon Set Icluded

The icons are another element which further strengthens and completes the style of Arno. Except the 519 icons from the popular Font Awesome package, Arno includes the premium Trendy Thin Line Icons with over 1000 vector icons, which will be of great help in your layouts.

Project Preview

Single project pages are simplified, opposed to the mainstream. We believe that a lot of the options mass themes offer are too much, making the layout heavy. That’s why we’ve put our efforts in creating a clean design, at the same time not being dull. In case you find difficulties configuring your single projects, Arno comes with 12 predefined layouts for single portfolio posts.

Custom Swiper JS Slider

The home slider is light. You will notice this immediately. Our goal was to create a clean, smooth slider and to stay away from the popular heavy sliders, which offer unlimited animations of graphical elements, but are slow and heavy. For the backbone of the main slider in Arno we use the popular SwiperJS slider. It works as good on desktop, as on mobile devices. It is fast, intuitive and completely in unison with the design of the theme. The extra sliding effects are carefully written, as not to distract the user, but fortify the feel of working with the theme.

Page Builder

The Page Builder makes it a one-click job to configure your layout structure, and page content.

With an easy-to-use drag and drop interface you can add unlimited number of layout elements, configure their presentation – as each element comes with its specific options to play with.

Resize each element to make it display as a single to four columned element on the layout.

You can configure a more generalized look of your website from the Theme Options panel. This will affect all pages on your website. If you want dig deeper into customization – no problem. You can define the layout structure for your Portfolio and Blog pages from the Theme Options panel as well.

Simple, Clean & Smooth

All theme effects have been carefully thought through. We haven’t added a single transition just for the sake of adding it and looking impressive. Each effect has been fully tested and made sure compatible with the wholesome feel of the theme. The front end was built with the idea of making Arno fast and easy to work with theme. The information should be intuitively easy to reach by your users, with no overburdening and heavy effects, which become distracting and irritating in a few clicks. The asynchronous loading, the smooth page navigation, leave your users with the notion of well structured and a non confusing web site.

Fast Loading

You can feel the speed! It will be tedious to go in deep detail on the technology and optimization approach we’ve taken to build such a fast loading theme. Just browse it … and feel the difference! Image and page loading are carefully developed and this is something that cannot be left unnoticed.

30 ready to use home pages

Great advantage of premium WordPress themes is the result of a great design with just a couple of clicks. Without too much writing, without numerous settings and hosting problems, platform dependencies, etc. The carefully picked fonts, layouts, colors and graphical elements are accessible in seconds through our “Content Importer” functionality. We created so many home pages to make sure that if you like the characteristic style of Arno, you will be able to find the perfect configuration for your web site – and just import the specific page with one click. All page layouts are carefully thought through to match your specific needs, without you wasting time on building the page.

Consistent Typography and Html elements

The pages are not merely headings, pictures, paragraphs and buttons. All tables, list items, quotes, code tags etc. are in complete unison with the style of Arno. You can be certain that no HTML5 tag will ever look like “patch”. You have the total freedom of sharing any kind of content and be sure it will always look in tact with the rest of the site.

Less File

The theme comes with the .less file included. This will be of help for those that need customization. Everything in the less file is written clean and organized, so you can easily get around, thanks to the comments as well.

Header Options

Each page in Arno can be with different layout of the navigation. You can choose between different behaviours on scroll down to ensure that all your content is clearly visible. The navigation is the first component your users will see, therefore we’ve put a lot of time to ensure that you will be able to configure the theme as close as possible to your needs.


Demo images on live preview are not included in the item.

& by Pixeden

Thanks to for their awesome

Our map elements are so cool thanks to !

Galleries feel as native as using a mobile app thanks to and his stunning !

Huge thanks to , & for letting me use their presentational work for the demo site.

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