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Car Dealer / Auto Dealer Responsive WP Theme

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CarDealer WP theme Description

We can not imagine our life without move, it is even impossible!
We make a move mostly every second, every minute…always.
We can not imagine our life without drive!
This idea brings to your attention a new child of ThemeMakers activity and productivity – CarDealer WordPress theme.

You are searching an idea for earning money or for business? CarDealer helps you to get into right direction.
The greatest solution to buy or sell any type of vehicle is in your hands!
We made everything possible and impossible to give the life to this masterpiece of functionality, and great looking design.

This great theme can be used on any level of business starting from huge car dealer companies and for guys who want to sell their own cars. Every user who enters the website can create his/her own account with his/her personal information, contact details and post there lots of different cars to sell. Everyone can feel how to be a CarDealer!

Theme Features:

Every user would be able to have his/her personal cabinet and reach it with no long logging in to admin panel. It would be enough simply enter your Username and Password from front­end in special sliding Log In panel and edit your personal info the way you need.

Great opportunity to add watermarks to all car images on the website to identify ownership of the copyright on these images. Thus, all your website images are branded by your own website watermark logo

Getting the theme you will get the database of all vehicle makes and models. We have attached it for your convenience and you can also manage it via WP admin panel by deleting, editing and adding more. Moreover the database of locations for countries and cities is added to serve your need to choose and specify the exact location of region you live.

Our goal is to design and develop the product which best serves the clients and responses to their needs, which helped us to implement the Loan Calculator to be always close to your hands and eyes in case you need to calculate the cost of the items you like to loan.

There is special option for cars which were sold to check them with Sold label and for those cars which are featured to be marked as Featured.

One of the main feature which should be admitted is that we created the strongest <strong>Search system</strong> here. Extended and flexible Search Car widget will guide your visitors and deals­hunters over all the web­site, it definitely helps to find the best suitable car. The search panel has different options for easy and convenient search of a particular car through the whole website. You can choose to look for a car by year, make, model, by locations, and even by mileage quantity.

Its so hard to choose from huge quantity of the cars presented. That's why we have implemented Cars Compare option. From the whole list of cars you can choose specific cars to be compared and on the compare page you would be able to review all options of these particular vehicles which going to help choosing the right one. All visitors will have an option to add cars they like to the Watch List which allows them to keep an eye on these advertising and check weather it was sold or follow up on it.

It takes some much time to look for the specific car through the whole list of cars on the website. In order to save time of your future customers we have added the ability to filter all cars by the year or first registration, price, publishing date and mileage which helps you to find the newest cars added and as result you make a best deal. It's also possible to change the view for car listing page whether to grid or list view.

Car Options Editor

Even identical cars have different additional options that were selected upon the purchasing this vehicle therefore the car price may vary. And to get these cars filtered properly we have implemented the Car options editor which allows you to manage cars additional options and as the result it will help your customers to find the car they’re looking with the specific options.

We think about all our customers worldwide and In order to make the theme usable in any part of the world we have made it compatible with the WPML plugin which is the best plugin for translation and allows adding multilingual features.

Dealer type builder/Account Manager

The theme has an ability to allow random visitors to create an accounts on your website and as manager are on charge of their accounts and you can manage the amount cars they post, the server space for images, etc, moreover you can create different account plans to allow these visitors to upgrade their accounts for posting more cars by purchasing the account upgrade on your website and in addition you can sell them featured car bundles for setting vehicles as featured which will push their cars to the the top in the search results.

As one of the great features you get with this theme is the ability to sell the account upgrades on your website and while implementing this feature we were seeking for great and most protected payment method and consequently we have stocked our theme with the in built PayPal Module which allows you to track all payments made on your website. All created account upgrades will be combined into generated pricing tables so clients would be able to review all available options and choose the most suitable one. Also the PayPal buttons will be assigned to your Paypal account so all payments will get right into it.

In addition to all awesome theme functions you get such smart tool as inbuilt currency converter. The theme was developed for usage in any part of the world and most of you would have foreign customers and you don’t need to add all cars with all currencies, you just post cars with your local currency and this tool takes care of the rest ­ it will save your time and help your visitors to convert currency in few seconds without leaving your website!

Theme Styling Options.

Thinking about getting unique website and getting it matched your business logo and corporate colors? Our theme has a great feature for it ­ Theme Styling Options Panel. You can easily customize your website color scheme in few clicks with the help of Theme Styling Options editor. All theme elements could be changed to match your requirements.

Two possible News page Views.

You could involve more customers to your website by posting latest news of the car industry. We understand the importance of blogging and that’s why we have added 2 different News listing pages so you can choose the one that suits your needs.

We created 22 widgets for the CarDealer’s for first release!

CarDealer WP theme includes 22 widgets for many different needs: Banner widget to show up ads, Contact form to place message box to be in touch, Featured Cars to display featured cars, Google Map to show the location of the dealer and many others.

SEO readiness!

Please note that our theme is SEO ready and originally includes all SEO service in it. So you do not need to install any additional plugins and waste time to make them compatible with the theme.

All cars are different and some of them have specific features or elements which are very unique or individual. To specify these features we developed great tool to construct the additional categories and fields to highlight such things.

Attention! No longer need to export/import .xml files, no more trivial round to install demo content, no more mess and fails. The fat feature of CarDealer WP theme is Demo content installation in few clicks.
If you like this theme a lot, if it totally fits your corporate design, then you definitely would need to structure your own website layout and content exactly as demo version shows. Few clicks – full website content: pages, posts, shortcode elements, slider.
*all purchased images are watermarked

Check it right now!


Images, purchased from photodune:

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