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Cubo – Creative Portfolio Theme

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Single portfolio project layout options


Fast, sleek and smooth

We believe contemporary design should be polished to the very last detail. The feeling you get while browsing and scrolling the site, is as important as the “outside looks” of the theme. That’s why we’ve put so much time and effort in building the navigation interface, so that while changing pages everything happens ultra fast, light and smooth. No disturbing page loaders, refreshes and “jumps” of elements.

Speed! Although pages load asynchronously, you will not have to wait for tedious preloaders to get to the content – you feel the super smooth behaviour of the theme while scrolling and navigating to the various pages.

Unique portfolio layout

As a portfolio theme, Cubo helps you present your work in the most impressive manner. Our main purpose was to rethink the standard listing of images and reaching each project separately. We focused on providing as simple and clean design as possible, not being boring or negligible at the same time. With the unmatched project loading interface, we wanted to stay clear from the standard and overused lightbox popups.

Lazy image loading! Speed and feel are essential part of any website design. When your page loads, no images are being requested, until they are actually needed – when they appear in you visitor’s viewport. But there are no blank spots either – the average color of the image is used, while the image is being served, leaving an amazing ultra fast and lightweight feel to your visitor.

30px vertical rhythm

As an important part of the typography and wholesome feel of the theme, we’ve put a lot of effort in each element’s design to be compliant with 30px baseline vertical rhythm. Carefully calculated spacing between the graphical elements helps bring the contemporary feeling of the theme. All shortcodes are designed with this very 30px baseline, so that while building your layouts, everything seems logical and compatible with the rest of the graphical elements of the site.

Content Importer

Cubo comes with one-click sample content importer to kick-start your project. But it is one click. Really. And it does not include all the pages and posts that are part of the demo site, which is overburdening when you just want to get started with a theme. Although the sample xml from the demo site comes with the theme as well, it imports carefully filtered content

It has another neat feature as well – page from the demo site importer. Yes, it does exactly that – choose a page from the demo site , copy its url and paste it in the box. That’s it.

And of course, with one click you can delete all the sample data, to keep your installation neat and tidy.

Page Builder

The Page Builder makes it a one-click job to configure your layout structure, and page content.

With an easy-to-use drag and drop interface you can add unlimited number of layout elements, configure their presentation – as each element comes with its specific options to play with.

Resize each element to make it display as a single to four columned element on the layout.

You can configure a more generalized look of your website from the Theme Options panel. This will affect all pages on your website. If you want dig deeper into customization – no problem. You can define the layout structure for your Portfolio and Blog pages from the Theme Options panel as well.

Revolution Slider

Cubo includes a great premium plugin – Revolution Slider, $15 worth, and gives you the opportunity to benefit from tons of unique transition effects, an image preloader, video embedding, autoplay that stops on user interaction and lots of easy to set options to create your own effects.

With Revolution Slider you can create a responsive (mobile friendly) or full width slider with must-see-effects and meanwhile keep or build your SEO optimization (all content always readable for search engines). Thanks to ThemePunch.


Huge thanks to , , & for letting me use their presentational work for the demo site.

Images are not included in the item.

Update History

Version 1.1.0 – Jan 20th 2015

- added center option with default width of single portfolio featured media
- fixed hover effect on portfolio thumbnails for Firefox 34
- fixed bug with jQuery UI 1.11.2 slider, introduced with WP 4.1
- fixed admin Google Web fonts preview
- fixed contact map pin icon

Version 1.0.5 – Nov 20th 2014

- added single portfolio slideshow
- added Random order for Portfolio Items
- added Social Icons footer Shortcodes
- added portfolio page option (for single portfolio posts nav)
- fixed slider issues with internal navigation
- fixed HTML special characters on page change
- fixed Japanese characters in the default contact form
- fixed image loading on scroll with Cubo Effects disabled
- minor javascript bug fixes
- updated Revolution Slider to v4.6

Version 1.0.4 – Aug 26th 2014

- added logo alt text option
- added alt attribute to all img tags
- fixed video play on mobile

Version 1.0.3 – Aug 22nd 2014

- added color option in the admin
- added custom html element id attribute field in page builder elements
- added ajax global init and complete js callbacks
- fixed # links nav
- fixed js error on disabling all cubo effects

Version 1.0.2 – Aug 14th 2014

- added portfolio categories front end sorting option
- added "disable scrolling effects" admin option
- added "Contact Form  7" plugin styling integration
- added "Roboto" Google Web Font latin-ext variant
- added single portfolio media center fit option
- fixed error on missing Revolution Slider in Page Builder Element
- fixed portfolio video items play icon
- fixed mobile menu click bug
- fixed search icon touch bug

Version 1.0.1 – Jul 28th 2014

- added single portfolio layout options
- fixed WordPress front end edit iframe redirect
- fixed image cropping for aspect ratio 1
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