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Pets & Vets – WordPress & WooCommerce

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About the Pets & Vets WordPress Theme

Promote your pet store, veterinary clinic or dog training classes and use the Pets & Vets – WordPress, Bootstrap 3, WooCommerce Theme. Start your own online store for merchandise, pet food, pet toys, etc. The Pets & Vets theme is designed for Pet Stores, Vets, Animal Shelters, Dog Trainers, Cat Trainers and Pet Caretakers, but with some new illustrations you can also remove the pets and replace them with something else, eg: kids in a playground for a care center or playgroup.

Original Unique Artwork – PSD, AI & SVG files included.

All of the cartoon styled illustrations started out as hand drawings, they were digitally recreated as scaleable vector graphics, meaning they look sharp on all high definition screens. All of the artwork is included with this product, so you can easily open the files in illustrator or photoshop to make changes. You are also able to take elements from this design and use them in your business cards, letter heads, and posters, etc.

Easy to Customize!

There are stacks of customizable settings in the Theme Options and comprehensive documentation to go with it. You can see the options available in the documentation, which is online, just

Tested and Supported

This theme is fully responsive and has been tested on Macs, PCs, iPads, iPhones and Androids. It has well-structured and commented HTML & CSS for easy customization. Please contact me if you have any questions or problems, I will do my best to get back to you ASAP.

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- New Feature : Easily replace pet images from theme options
- New Feature : SVG uploads are enabled

- New Feature : Bootstrap updated to v3.1.1
- Improvement : New style for dropdown menus

- New Feature : Separate Logo PSD file now included in artwork folder. 
- Improvement : Hide Google Maps on contact by leaving address field blank.
- Improvement : Homepage slider border replaced with SVG background
- Improvement : Separate Slider Border AI file now included in artwork folder. 

- Bug Fix : Fixed duplicate menu problems.

- Bug Fix : Responsive Fix for latest version of WooCommerce
- Bug Fix : Social Buttons hide when you leave the related social profile field blank.

1.6 - Updated on April 6, 2014
- New Feature : Language Translation Support (PO file included)
- New Feature : Cat Graphic for Header ( SVG included )
- New Feature : Dog Graphic for Footer ( SVG included )
- New Feature : Fish Graphic to Replace Bone ( SVG included )
- New Feature : Related Posts + Tags + Share Button, under post (optional).
- New Feature : Next Post / Last Post links, under post (optional). 
- Bug Fix : Child Theme JS Bug Fixed
- Bug Fix : Shortcode tags are hidden from post excerpts now.
- Improvement : BS Shortcodes helper alert added.
- Improvement : Better WooCommerce Field Styling 
- Improvement : WooCommerce Tags widget more consistent with the WP Tags widget.

1.6.1 - Updated on April 10, 2014
- Bug Fix : Fixed the phone number box for Android Devices.

- Included missing alignment CSS.

1.8 - Updated on November 1, 2014
- New Christmas Pet Vectors! Found in Art/Christmas.
- Bootstrap Framework updated to Bootstrap 3.3.0.
- Bootstrap Shortcodes plugin compatibility improved. 

1.8.1 - Updated on November 3, 2014
- Updated slider to allow 3rd party slider plugin shortcodes. 
- Stopped WP Admin Bar from sometimes hiding in Chrome.
- Minor CSS Improvements
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