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UPDATES – 04 December 2014 – Template version 3.0

1. Multipage version added. All pages content is loaded with jquery/ajax to keep the app feel and functionality.

2. Updates to onepage version navigation. All links from the menu are now individually editable allowing to add any action on any link.

UPDATES – 09 May 2014 – Template version 2.0 – At the bottom of the page

Go Mobile
Go Mobile
Go Mobile

Go Mobile

“Go Mobile” is our 4’th mobile theme after V1, V2 and V3. This V4 is the first one from our mobile themes that is actually a web app. All content is inside one file that will make the theme behave like an app when browsing through pages. You can navigate using the menu icons or just by sliding from one page to another. This new version comes with a better design concept, a new functionality, improved code and some amazing features. More easy to customize and to create a new design style to suit your needs. It allready comes with 10 diferent styles included.

Video testing the theme on iphone

UPDATES – 09 May 2014 – Template version 2.0

The template was updated with more code optimizations:

1) Optimizations on how the section/pages were build. Now all sections are automatically calculated depending on the nr of items in the menu. So you no longer need to add a unique ID to the menu links (onclick…) and the sections/pages content in order to link them together

The number of menu links must be the same as the page sections. And they will be linked automatically when a menu entry is clicked.

2) Updated all toogles and tabs menus. When using dinamic content in toogles and tabs you don’t need anymore to edit the JS file and add slider reinitialize the swiper. This is fixing the dinamic height problem when an extra height is added by a toogle or tab content.

3) Updated the blog section. Building the details section of one post inside the main slide. You don’t need to slide to another section to see the details of a post content. Like this you can add a details section for each post. Read the HELP file on how this is working. This will help users that want to integrate a CMS with the blog section.

4) Updated the contact working form. Separating the HTML and PHP on diferent files. Now all HTML index pages have the contact form working with ajax. They use the separated file contact-send.php file to send the email. Now the email adress must be changed from the HTML contact form code inside the index file. This will help users that wanted to integrate this with phonegap, having the main file just in HTML format.

To get this updates just go to your account and download the archive again, it’s free. And don’t forget to read the new HELP file

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